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Adam Bixby Farrier
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2020: 7 CE Credits; 
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09/19/2020 - AAPF/IAPF Hoofcare Essentials Clinic at Northeast Farrier Supply, Winsted, CT (7 CE) - 7 credits

More Information:
For over 20 years as a Farrier/Blacksmith I have spent my time studying and learning from the horses hoof and limb in order to properly trim and shoe for a wide variety of horses and circumstances. These horses some good, more times then not bad are always enjoyable to work on. Working with these horses has allowed me to deal with hoof issues ranging from thrush, medial/lateral imbalances, bruised heels, and thin soles/walls, hoof/pastern misalignments to more complex issues including club feet, sheared heels, toe/quarter/heel cracks, laminitis/founder, horses with navicular issues, resections, and multitude of other hoof and limb issues. With a great working relationship with the owner/trainer/vet we can rehabilitate to and maintain a sound healthy horse.

As a kid I spent time taking care of and riding Sandy, a Morgan/Welsh pony which my brother and I shared. For years we enjoyed the company of Sandy on western trail rides throughout the Berkshire Mountains of Southern New England. As time went on we moved and had to sell the horses and I would wait for the summer months to come around so I could ride again at summer camp. Once I graduated High School I worked at several different farms working as a farm hand and eventually working as the Barn Manager for Kingsley Farm in Coventry, CT for a year or two until I attended the New England School of Horseshoeing.

After completing the Farrier program at the New England School of Horseshoeing I trained for over five years under one of the countries top farriers. Gary Golding has over 40 years of farrier experience shoeing for some of the countries most recognized riders and horses. Here working with Gary I fine tuned what I had learned in shoeing school and then learned 100 times more studying not only the anatomy and physiology of the horses hoof and limb but also of the business itself. As an apprentice I started with basic pulling shoes and clinching jobs and over the years worked into a helper position aiding in the trimming and shoeing duties of most every horse. Here I was exposed to a high level of professionalism working on high dollar horses often times having to work conjointly with the trainers and vets.

After leaving the employment of Gary I moved south where I set up Adam Bixby Farriery. Most of my work has been in small private farms as well as contracting my skills out to other local farriers in need of assistance. I still maintain a working relationship the farriers whom I've worked with over the years.

I have a strong history of dealing with:

Basic hoof care
Recreational horses
High performance sport horses (particularly hunter/jumper/dressage)
Older Arthritic horse
Barefoot horses
Medial/lateral quarter and heel cracks
Horses with Navicular issues
Lamanitic and Founder cases
Glue-on and Therapeutic shoes

as well I have the ability to work well with all other equine professionals.