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The American Association of Professional Farriers (AAPF) has established a relationship with, an educational tool created by the University of Zurich (Switzerland). is a state-of-the-art, interactive web platform dedicated to the horse and the hoof. Vets, farriers or anyone else with an interest in the horse will find knowledge and information contributed by specialists in their fields, divided into distinct topics and many small chapters.  Its modular, user-friendly structure allows users to customize their content according to their specific requirements: is suitable for use as a teaching aid for individuals at the outset of their training as well as being a source of information for established equine professionals wishing to develop their knowledge.  The program has taken over five years in its development.  New information is being added on a regular basis.  Mustad Hoofcare has been a strategic partner with the University of Zurich in the development of

The platform has two primary opportunities – a free, on-line glossary of many of the terms involved in equine hoof-care, in a variety of languages and with images of each term.  The second opportunity requires an annual subscription to the program.  This opportunity includes videos and articles in four primary areas of instruction: general equine knowledge, anatomy, horseshoeing, and disorders of the hoof.

Annual subscriptions are available for $98 (US$) by visiting the website:  Current AAPF members receive a 25% discount ($74.95).

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