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Book - "Farriery: Foal to Racehorse"
$106.00 USD

by Simon Curtis PhD FWCF

Follow the development of the horse’s foot from birth to retirement in this exciting new color guide to foot care and problems. Designed as a resource for trainers and breeding farms, and as a reference for farriers and veterinarians, this book does not teach how to shoe, but rather when and why a particular shoe or treatment may be needed.

More than 50 pages address flexural (tendon, club foot) and skeletal problems in foals and yearlings, with instructions for making correction devices made of plastic, aluminum, and adhesive composites.

Simon Curtis FWCF, of Newmarket, England is farrier to some of the world’s leading racing and breeding operations and a well-known lecturer. He is resident surgical farrier for Rossdale & Partners veterinary practice in Newmarket. Examples are included from his work in Europe, Australia, America, and India.

Chapters include:

  • understanding foot balance 
  • deformities in foals
  • club feet, "contracted tendons," crooked limbs
  • making and applying simple but effective extension shoes 
  • cosmetic hoof preparation and shoeing for sales
  • raceplating for turf and dirt tracks 
  • hoof wall and crack repair and patching 
  • infections in the foot 
  • laminitis

While focusing on the Thoroughbred, most information is practical and helpful for all use with any breed.

If purchaser is an AAPF/IAPF member, they will earn four (4) AAPF/IAPF Continuing Education credits when purchasing this book.

Product Details:

  • Hardcover
  • 194 pages
  • Language:  English
  • Publisher:  R & W Publications (Newmarket UK) Ltd (1999)