Product Page - IAPF Dressage Credential - LEVEL 1 (ONE)

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IAPF Dressage Credential - LEVEL 1 (ONE)
$380.00 USD

In 2016, the IAPF introduced a new level of Continuing Education which we refer to as “Credentialing”.  Over 300 of our members have completed the first step – Foundation Credentialing.  We are now ready to unveil the second step – Discipline Credentialing.  While we identified “Hunters and Jumpers” as our first discipline credential, we are now ready to share our 2nd Discipline Credential - Dressage. 

Through this “Journey” you’ll continue to demonstrate to horse owners, trainers, veterinarians and others in the horse industry your personal commitment to your profession!  Each level of the Discipline Credential requires the successful completion of the Foundation Credential.
  • Qualifications: IAPF Regular of Student Member and Successful completion of the IAPF Foundation Credential 
  • Farrier earns 24 IAPF Continuing Education credits for successful completion (12 CE Credits for completion of Knowledge portion; and 12 CE Credits for completion of Practical portion)
  • Process:
    • Farrier will order the package (described below)
    • Farrier will complete the test which accompanies the package using the study guide / reference manual (similar process to Foundation Credential)
    • Farrier will receive a list of shoe modifications which are used with Hunters and Jumpers.  The farrier will practice at home forging these modifications using the farrier's own "signature style" to fit a set of steel templates
    • At a testing site, the farrier will bring with him/her the modifications which he/she has forged.  He/She will be asked to forge 2 or 3 of the modifications to demonstrate that they are able to forge the modification in their "signature style" and fit the steel template
    • Also at the testing site, participants will have an in-depth discussion about the common lamenesses of dressage horses 
    • Once completed and the farrier earns the "Dressage Credential" he/she will be required to renew the Credential every 3 years
  • Level One Package includes:
    • Study Guide / Reference Manual
    • Test
    • Answer sheets
    • Steel templates
    • List of modifications (farrier will need to identify applications and uses for each modification)
    • Testing day fees (testing sites will be identified throughout the United States and Canada (and other countries as needed) based upon the number of farriers who wish to take the test
  • Cost:  $380