Product Page - IAPF Dressage Credential - LEVEL 2 (TWO)

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IAPF Dressage Credential - LEVEL 2 (TWO)
$195.00 USD

  • This level was created for the farrier who is not shoeing dressage horses but wants to gain the knowledge available through the study guide / reference manual and accompanying test.  In addition, this farrier wants to begin the process of learning how to forge the required shoe modifications.  The farrier would not be eligible to participate at a testing site. 
  • Qualifications: 
    • IAPF Regular or Student Member
    • Successful completion of the IAPF Foundation Credential 
  • Process:
    • Farrier will order the package (described below)
    • Farrier will complete the test which accompanies the package using the study guide / reference manual (similar process to Foundation Credential)
    • Farrier will receive a list of shoe modifications which are used with Dressage horses.  The farrier will practice at home forging these modifications using the farrier's own "signature style" to fit a set of steel templates
  • Level Two Package includes:
    • Study Guide / Reference Manual
    • Test
    • Answer sheets
    • Steel templates
    • List of modifications (farrier will need to identify applications and uses for each modification)
    • The farrier will have the opportunity to purchase the other items listed in Level One for an additional $185. (Contact the IAPF office to make this purchase).
  • Cost:  $195