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Events in the month of March 2023
March 4, 2023 - March 5, 2023
  • Mike Poe CJF AWCF
  • Riley Kirkpatrick CJF
  • Brian Strelow CJF
  • Gavin Cooper CJF
  • Jesse Wilson CJF
  • Kurt Fisk CJF
  • Saturday, March 4
    • Lectures and Demos with:
      • Mike Poe CJF - 
      • Riley Kirkpatrick CJF
      • Brian Strelow CJF
  • Sunday, March 5
    • Demos with:
      • Mike Poe CJF - 
      • Riley Kirkpatrick CJF
      • Brian Strelow CJF
      • Gavin Cooper CJF
      • Jesse Wilson CJF
      • Kurt Fisk CJF
March 9, 2023 - March 11, 2023
Barefoot trimming as a specialized profession has grown in popularity over the last 25 years, with many people finding it to be a very fulfilling, full-time career.  For many others, learning the skills required to perform basic hoof care maintenance on their own horses is all they desire.  Regardless of your end goals, this course is designed to give beginner, novice & even seasoned trimmers detailed hands-on training necessary for maintaining barefoot horses. We will focus on recognizing foot types & their needs, how to deal with distortions, and how to trim feet in a safe & effective manner.  You will not only learn what to trim and how to trim, but also important skills regarding body positioning, horse comfort and effective tool usage.  This is an excellent opportunity to build and fine tune your skills, as well as improve the proficiency & quality of your work.  If certification is also important as a future goal, this course also qualifies as a certification preparatory course.

Topics Covered During the Course

  • Basic equine lower limb anatomy
  • Leverages on the hoof capsule and its possible effects
  • Recognizing distortions in the hoof & reading hoof tissue
  • Cadaver hoof trimming & dissections
  • Body Positioning & Tool usage, i.e. hoof knives, nippers, rasps, etc.
Course Begins at 9:00 AM and will run until 5:00 PM each of the 3 days (Thursday - Saturday).
March 14, 2023
Davie County Large Animal Hospital hosts a farrier meeting on the second Tuesday of every month at their clinic for farriers, veterinarians, and horse owners. We bring in a case study horse experiencing a lameness issue to evaluate and discuss the best approach to diagnose, treat and maintain it. The veterinarian completes a full lameness exam on the horse and utilizes appropriate diagnostics such as radiographs, nerve blocks, and flexions. Upon lameness diagnosis, all farriers and veterinarians in attendance collaborate in a round table discussion about the best method to shoe the horse. The existing farrier on the case is heavily encouraged to attend and shoe the horse with inputs from other farriers present at the meeting.

Our goal is to collaborate with the veterinarians and educate all in attendance. We want to ensure that the process we execute at our meetings is repeatable by the farrier at the farm going forward.
March 17, 2023
The IAPF Board of Directors has selected this date for the next practical verification site for both the Dressage and Hunter Jumper Credentials.

  • Friday, March 17:  Forging of Shoe Modifications and Roundtable Discussion for Both Credentials
  • Saturday, March 18:  2023 Ken Davis & Sons Annual Clinic with Clinician Steve Stanley APF - Sponsored by Farrier Product Distribution
Successful completion of the "Practical" for either the Dressage or Hunter Jumper Credential will earn the farrier 12 IAPF Continuing Education Credits.

Please contact Credentialing Chairman Jeremy Lucas CF JICF APF-I at 330-323-3474 or to confirm your desire to attend this verification site.
March 18, 2023
  • Steve Stanley APF
  • "Conformation and Hoof Balance"
  • "Fabrication Basics"
  • "Shoe Modifications for Gait and Soundness"
  • Efficiency in Shoeing
Demonstration - Live Horse Shoeing

Sponsored by Farrier Product Distribution

March 31, 2023 - April 1, 2023
  • Todd Allen CJF APF

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